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Brave New World

Brave New World is the geopolitical story of the near future, when major national powers have formed into SuperNations and large corporations run rampant.

With global crises on the rise, from humanitarian disasters to the ethical dilemmas of technological advancement, these SuperNations vie for power, resources, and the ultimate role in the histories - to be the first to colonise Mars.

With complex and competing political agendas, teams work with (and against) one another to keep the future of humanity safe and prosperous.

Players:  78
Duration:  8 hours
Mechanics:  territory control, resource management, diplomacy, research and development
Themes:  cyberpunk, future, politics, social issues


Premiere  (10 April 2016)
Narellan Library
Sydney, NSW, Australia


Iron Sea

Iron Sea is a swashbuckling action/adventure game set in the fictional Black Noose Islands in the Caribbean. Players represent pirates, naval officers, merchants and the governors of small ports during the Age of Sail. There is piracy, treasure hunting, mutiny and naval warfare a-plenty, with everyone looking to get rich one way or another!

Players:  92
Duration:  6 hours
Mechanics:  resource management, worker placement, human resources, negotiation, economics, operations
Themes:  fiction, piracy, adventure, treasure hunting, combat,


Premiere  (5 November 2016)
Narellan Library
Sydney, NSW, Australia


As the Fire Dies

As the Fire Dies is a game of communal survival and politics in a dark, unforgiving world. Players represent community leaders in a small colony, facing the dark oppression of a fictional nuclear winter which engulfed the world following a catastrophic end to World War 2.

As the days and weeks tick by, players work together as a combined community as they try to weather the ‘end of the world’ together.

Players in the game will come face to face with strategic and operational decisions, resource management, worker placement, negotiation, diplomacy, and the mechanisms of a democratic system of governance.

The ultimate goal of the game – to survive.

Players:  48 - 72
Duration:  6 - 8 hours
Mechanics:  resource management, democracy, elections, exploration,
Themes:  survival, steampunk, politics, social economics


Premiere  (27 April, 2019)
Giant Dwarf Theatre
Sydney, NSW, Australia


For the Crown

For the Crown is a Megagame about politics, intrigue and war. It's set in a fictional 18th century realm called Wruicia. Players take on the roles of political and military leaders within a number of key factions across this world, ultimately guiding their people to prosperity or doom!

Players:  48 - 56
Duration:  6 - 8 hours
Mechanics:  democracy, resource management, operations, strategy, diplomacy
Themes:  historical fiction, revolution, politics, religion, war


Premiere  (5 October, 2019)
Rex Centre
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Second Run  (30 November, 2019)
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
(in collaboration with Melbourne Megagames)


So Say We All

A space-age game based on social deduction, betrayal and the fight for survival. The players take on the role of the senior crew of vessels within a ragtag fleet that has escaped a devastating attack by an alien threat. Players must work together to produce vital resources, weed out alien infiltrators and mitigate crises while they try to return to the safety of Earth.

Players:  38
Duration:  ~7 hours
Mechanics: resource management, trade & negotiation, social deduction
Themes: science fiction, covert affairs, survival


Premiere (26th October 2019)
University of Wollongong
Wollongong, NSW, Australia