Brave New World


6 to 8 Hours

Core Mechanics

  • Territory Control
  • Resource Management
  • Diplomacy
  • Research and Development
  • Negotiation


Brave New World is the geopolitical story of the near future, when major national powers have formed into SuperNations and large corporations run rampant.

With global crises on the rise, from humanitarian disasters to the ethical dilemmas of technological advancement, these SuperNations vie for power, resources, and the ultimate role in the histories - to be the first to colonise Mars.

With complex and competing political agendas, teams work with (and against) one another to keep the future of humanity safe and prosperous.


Players in Brave New World are split into teams of varying sizes, each with unique abilities and goals:

  • SuperNations, each with their own:
    • Leader
    • Military Advisor
    • Foreign Relations Advisor
    • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Corporations (in the fields of Arms Manufacturing, Engineering and Pharmaceuticals), each with their own:
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Sales Director
    • Chief Financial Officer
  • Non-State Actors, each with their own unique positions, agendas and goals (from activist groups to counter cyber-terrorism consultants).
  • The Universal News Network, comprising:
    • Editor
    • Foreign Correspondent
    • Business and Economics Correspondent
    • Science and Tech Correspondent
    • Breaking News Correspondent

Divided into these teams, players are provided individual briefings and team goals, each role a delicate cog in the machine.


Brave New World saw its premiere launch on 10 April 2016.

Game design is current under review for pre-launch in the near future.