As the Fire Dies


6 to 8 Hours

Core Mechanics

  • Crisis Resolution
  • Resource Management
  • Worker Placement
  • Democracy
  • Negotiation
  • Logic Puzzle


As the Fire Dies is a game of communal survival and politics in a dark, unforgiving world. Players represent community leaders in a small colony, facing the dark oppression of a fictional nuclear winter which engulfed the world following a catastrophic end to World War 2.

As the days and weeks tick by, players work together as a combined community as they try to weather the ‘end of the world’ together.

Players in the game will come face to face with strategic and operational decisions, resource management, worker placement, negotiation, diplomacy, and the mechanisms of a democratic system of governance.

The ultimate goal of the game – to survive.


72 players are split into teams of 3, called Creeds. These Creeds are united by their political and social beliefs, as well as the intrinsic skills linked to their origins in the world.

Players represent the community leaders of these Creeds and should aim to act on the basis of set beliefs and values.

The entire player-base makes up the Tribe, a unity of hundreds of souls who hope to scrounge a living in the harsh world.

A governing body of Creeds oversee this Tribe, enforce laws and make the hard decisions. This governing body of Creeds is made up of four key roles:

  • Curator
  • Overseer of Prosperity
  • Overseer of Resilience
  • Overseer of Progression

Which Creeds are to fill these roles is decided through democratic voting, in-game, and elections can take place roughly twice an hour (real time).


As the Fire Dies ran for its first time on Saturday 27 April, 2019.

No future events are yet planned.

Setting Information