What’s a Megagame?

Megagames, as originally founded and designed by the UK Megagame Makers, are large-scale immersive experiences that combine elements of roleplaying, board games and wargaming. The Sydney Megagamers run these events in real-time with large groups of participants (50+). Our events generally run for a whole day (between 5 to 8 hours) and are usually followed by a social function.

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Prior to the event day, players are usually organised into teams and briefed on their individual roles. These roles are dependent on the game at hand and could range from the political or military leaders of a nation, to the crew of a fictional pirate ship. 

When the event day arrives, players take part in an emergent story that puts them directly into the action. Players work with their teammates, challenged by the need for negotiation, creative thinking, problem solving and, often, a little bit of luck. Every decision players face in a Megagame will matter, constantly building on the next as their individual story within the broader game unfolds.

All of our games are different. While some share similar themes and mechanics, each is uniquely defined with its own setting, narrative and game structure. Players may find themselves in modern-world settings, tackling geopolitical crises and decisions, while others might find themselves in a fantasy world, dealing with the implications of magic, adventure and good vs evil. Each game is different and each story is the players’ to create.

Game Masters, called Moderators, will be on hand to help facilitate these events with rules and structure. They also help players stretch the boundaries of what’s possibly in a game, creating new opportunities and scenario on the fly as they react to the wants and needs of the players.

The entire event takes place in real time, in the real world, often at a local hall or conference centre. Players are provided with briefing material before the big day, detailing the relevant rules and contextual information they need for their role. The game itself unravels on the day as players interact with one another and the game components – from large maps, playing cards, special tokens and props.

Most exciting and immersive of all is the unique story each game tells – even when a single game is run multiple times, the final outcome for each individual player is over worlds apart. How players interact with the game, and each other, will guide them through an exciting narrative that is unique to them alone.